My practice is a playful one of meandering, manipulated poetic simple incidents.

When creating a body of work I tend to find a simple system of construction and then allow it to evolve naturally, never within a restricted or arduous manner but composing mischievous and animated constructions often humorously disrupted.

Notions of weight, balance, replication, and implied function help dictate the construction but can then become redundant to its ultimate installation, finalized at the last moment in the excitement of its surroundings. 

Manipulateing found materials and ready-made objects into beguiling sculptural works that play with notions of proportion and balance. With its intricate sense of touch, recalling the work of modernist Constructivism, albeit contaminated by a sense of the contemporary world, evident in the domestic source materials used to make the work.

I am represented in the UK by the Simon Oldfield Gallery.



b. Maidstone, Kent, 1981. Lives and works in London


PG Dip Fine Art, Royal Academy of Arts, 2004 – 2007

BA (Hons) Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art, 2001 – 2004

Selected Exhibitions

ING Discerning Eye, London 2014

Flat Packed/Wrapped/Stacked, Punk and Sheep, London 2014

Drawn Together, Gig Munich, Munich Germany, 2014

London Design Week, RCF company London 2014

Revealed2: CollectorSpace, Samstag museum, Adelaide Australia, 2013

The Basement at 6 Carlos Place, Simon Oldfield, London, 2012 (solo)

Pop Molecule, Aubin gallery, London, 2012

Fragile Construct, Simon Oldfield, London, 2011 (solo)

Apartment at Bloomsbury Square, London 2011

Friendship of the Peoples, Simon Oldfield, London, 2011

Superrefraction, Vulpes Vulpes, London, 2010

Modern Love, Simon Oldfield, London, 2010

The Armory, Josh Lilley, New York, 2009

A Broken Fall, Josh Lilley, London, 2009

Evolved Means, Allsopp Contemporary, London, 2008 (solo)

Monster, Dazed and Confused, London, 2008

Royal Academy Schools Show, Royal Academy, London, 2007

ASP-KRK-RAS-LDN, WI snicz Castle, Poland, 2006

Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London, 2006

Premiums, Royal Academy, London, 2006

Jerwood Drawing Prize, Jerwood Space, 2005

Future Map, University of the Arts, London, 2004


Patricia Turner Award for Sculpture, 2007

The Andres & Nicholas Tooth Award, 2006

the studio

the studio

me in the studio

me in the studio